How does telegram find groups?

How does telegram find groups?: Users often ask how to find groups in the telegram. Today we will introduce the problem of group search in detail.

How does telegram find groups?

One of the reasons why the telegram(电报app) is popular with many users is that it allows access to public or private groups you can join. And there are countless groups available to you, some of which contain hundreds of thousands of users. You can join the telegram group to learn about the topic you are interested in, and post your own ideas and updates about the topic. But how do you find all the telegram groups you want? Next, we’ll show you several different ways to find a telegram group.

How to find groups in telegrams

The quickest way to search and find the telegram group is to enter the telegram channel to get the invitation. The group invites the telegram channel. How to operate it? First, let’s talk about how to operate computer equipment:

The first step is to start the telegram application on the desktop, find the window in the upper left corner, enter the group name, and then click enter;

Then, in the state of “global search results”, you can see the list of all channels corresponding to the name you entered;

Finally, click the channel you want to enter to join this channel.

After entering the telegram application, you can see the number of subscribers at the top of the screen. If you want to find a group, you can also use the invitation link. First, you need to find the group link, then click the link, and then select the option to join the corresponding group. Of course, if you don’t want to search for group links in the telegraph channel, we’ll share another way to find groups. That is, you can access the telegram group( 电报组)directory online and view the group. After browsing, you can find the group you want and join.

How to find group names

When you want to create your own group and save your group name, you will need to create a telegram robot(电报机器人). First, after you open the telegram, enter botfather (telegram robot) in the search box, then select Start and follow the prompts to create your own telegraph robot. After creating, you will get the docking token that should be copied. After saving the docking token, you need to create a new telegram group, add your telegram robot, and then send a message to the group. Finally, you need to enter this page and input your docking token completely to successfully retrieve the name of the group.

How to find group links

We mentioned group links just now. We also understand the role of these links. When you want to share a group with others, you can send them invitation links. If you want to perform corresponding operations, you need to open the telegram group you manage; Find the group name at the top of the screen and click it, then find the option to add members, click it, and then invite them to join the group through the link.


Of course, on different types of devices, the operation methods of finding groups by telegram will be different. Let’s introduce them respectively below:

The first is to find the telegraph group on the iPhone

If you are using an iPhone IOS device, you can first download the latest version of the telegram application from the app store. The working model of the IOS version of the telegram is much the same as that of the telegram version. When you start the telegram application on the IOS mobile device, you will see a search box at the top of the screen, and then search the channel directly in it.

Then find the telegraph group on Android

If you are a user of an Android device, you can also download the telegram application from the store first. The telegram of the Android version is basically the same as that of the IOS version, and the steps for searching groups are basically the same. Therefore, the functions applicable to computer version and IOS version applications are also basically applicable to Android devices. For the operation method of the search group, it is also to search after starting the application and finding the search box at the top of the screen.


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