Introduction to the Chinese version of paper aircraft

Introduction to the Chinese version of paper aircraft

Paper airplane Chinese version(纸飞机中文版)is a platform that can make friends with people in all parts of the world across regional restrictions. It allows you to fully chat with foreigners. The platform adds tools for multi-language translation so that you can have barrier-free communication with your interested friends and understand the local conditions and customs of the world. It’s very easy to use. Download it quickly. Enter the paper plane official website (纸飞机官方网站)to download directly. Without setting, you can carry out the Chinese version of chat and friend-making software. If you want friends, you can come and have a look.

Introduction to the Chinese version of paper aircraft


What is the Chinese version of a paper airplane?

Paper plane is a cross-platform free instant messaging chat software, which can protect users’ privacy, conduct secret chats, and self-destruct messages. The paper airplane app is fast, safe, and free. It supports sending voice, photos, movies, and other files, and automatically synchronize chat records to meet all your personal or business information needs!

Introduction to the Chinese version

Characteristics of paper aircraft

The message is highly encrypted and can be self-destructed to ensure that privacy is not compromised.

Servers spread all over the world, with fast message transmission speed, allowing multiple devices to synchronize chat records.

Completely free, always free, refreshing, no advertising, no subscription fee.

Our strong technical team ensures that your email will not be attacked by hackers.

There is no size limit for transferring files and sessions. It supports sending files of any type.


Functions and highlights

More believable is that online live video chat, offline promotion, meetings, and dating are more real, and the spiritual world of passers-by is more real.

Find excellent people around you and be recognized by smart people to avoid untrue customer information and comfortable natural environment for making friends.

Many high-quality online leisure activities will be held. If you sign up, you may meet your beloved partner.

Paper plane download shadow design style evening Chat Theme page.

[information communication data encryption(数据加密)]

The paper plane downloads extremely reliable information and data encryption.

[smooth practical operation experience]

Excellent mobile phone software quality and smooth operation.


Evaluation of Chinese version of paper aircraft

A practical chat and dating software, which has rich functions in the paper plane app. You can find many super high-quality resources for single men and women here so that you can fully experience different personalities. It also allows you to experience romantic communication on your mobile phone, and automatically synchronize chat records to meet all your personal or business information needs.

1. Use a photo, a video, or a sentence to express your mood at this time, and then throw it away according to the paper plane.

2. When people all over the world receive your message and are very interested in you, they will reply to your letter.

3. As long as the pusher selects the document, it can accept the document on other electronic devices.


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