Message recall and network usage

Message recall and network usage. – this update is mainly aimed at the withdrawal of messages during chat and the network traffic generated by using telegram chat at ordinary times. These two points are very important for a normal chat. The addition of corresponding functions can well solve these two problems and further enhance your sense of user experience.


 telegram message withdrawal

Many times, people often encounter a situation, that is, you just sent a message, but suddenly find that the sending error is too late to cancel, so they often encounter some embarrassing situations. To solve this problem, telegram technicians quickly added a function that can recall recently sent messages. And you can cancel sending any message you have shared in the past 48 hours, whether it is a picture, video, text, or link. And this is not a one-time feature. You will be able to recall any message within 48 hours of sending it.


Message withdrawal and network usage, etc

Network use of telegrams

For the problem of network traffic usage, the consumption of telegrams(电报APP) is always very small, whether you are using or running in the background; As long as you do not load large videos for a long time, this situation will not change. However, there is one situation that can lead to changes in your network usage. That is, when you travel to a distant place, especially when traveling abroad, you may need to check the usage of the new network. Of course, the telegram background can accurately display your consumption during roaming. Of course, the amount of data consumed in WiFi or other situations can also be counted. At this time, you may need to pay more attention to the status of the network and use the most reasonable way to access the Internet as much as possible, to help you save unnecessary network traffic consumption.


Message recall and network usage

T. Me link

If you are good at socializing, you will often make new friends. At this time, you may encounter a problem, that is, when you need to leave contact information, you find that there are too many phone numbers. Many people will think of it – yes, it is a telegram Me link. From now on, however, you can use instead of the telegram Me link. This also applies to channels, public groups, and stickers.


Android users

A large number of telegram users are using the Android version(电报安卓版). Therefore, to take into account the user experience of the Android version, our developers introduce the following three functions to Android Applications:

1. messages from the same sender can now be neatly grouped, and an upward stroke will immediately display the date.

2. when you switch back to chat, the application will restore your previous stroke position.

3. make it easier to share files, because you can see the list of recently downloaded files on the sharing screen, and you can easily find these file lists by moving your finger.


One more thing – New emoticons

This update also synchronizes new emoticons(表情符号). For example, which emoticons are selected in the following figure: cowboy, clown, and disgusting emoticons. You can send or copy them immediately.

Today’s class content is over here. Look forward to our next update!


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