Recent improvements on Telegram

Recent improvements on Telegram -This update includes the fixed message of the telegram(电报应用程序), the improvement of location sharing, playlist, and channel statistics. The completion of these improvements will help you release your special skills through multiple fixed messages in any chat, and pay close attention to the activities in your area through improved location broadcasting


The fixed message of the telegram

What is the fixed message of the telegram? We can give an example, that is, it is difficult for you to stay on one message in your daily chat. In order to make it more convenient for you to use, you can fix multiple messages in the chat after updating. You just need to find the top bar and make a selection to switch between these messages. And top posts can also be used in private chat, and you can also share all messages and important records with your friends.

Telegram 的最新改进

Improvement of telegram location sharing

If you are outdoors, you may often need a function, which is real-time location sharing. If you have an appointment with a friend to arrive at a destination, you can turn on sharing a specific location and set up a notification to let your friend know when you are nearby. And in order to make you more clearly distinguish the direction, we say that the mark on the map will also have a direction prompt mark. At this time, you can find your direction through the real-time change of the direction mark.

Telegram 的最新改进

Playlist and channel posting statistics

If you send multiple audio files in the same message when using the telegram, they will be merged into a playlist, which makes it easier to play, comment on, and forward. If you are playing a song, you can also add other song lists to the built-in player list of the system.

If you can comment when posting or reading posts on the channel, it can increase the number of subscriptions of users in the channel. In this update, we have added a new chart to your management, which can not only help you with channel statistics but also let you view the statistics of each post.


New animations and emoticons

We basically update every month, except for new animations. Of course, this time is no exception, but this time we mainly make new animations for Android applications, which you can use when sending messages in the player. And this time there is another update for the Android version, that is, you can now quickly edit the photos you receive during chat and edit them directly without saving them as before.

Recent improvements on Telegram

The new emoticons give you more opportunities to make animated emoticons.

Recent improvements on Telegram

How to download it?

If you are an Android user, you can download it through Google play. IOS users can download it through the app store. However, whether you are an Android or IOS user, you can download it through the official website of the telegram(Telegram官网)。


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