Update of telegram media and camera

Update of telegram media and camera

This update of the telegram is mainly aimed at media and camera functions. For example, a series of improvements have been made in the photo editor, screen animation, and camera, especially in the IOS version. Let’s learn more about it.

Specific updates include the following four aspects

1. Telegram Media Editor

Telegram(电报app) Media Editor allows you to decorate your media (video or photos) with images, titles, and stickers. In addition, in order to facilitate users to customize the decoration details, you can adjust the thickness of the improved brush, which can be reduced according to the scaling of your fingers, that is, you can change the thickness of the brush at any time so that you can obtain high accuracy when repairing the drawing.

In addition to the mobile version, the current computer version of the telegram also has a special editor, through which you can repair drawings, take photos or add stickers.

Update of telegram media and camera

2. Password recovery and reminder

About the two-step password verification of the telegram, now we have added a new window in the settings for you to practice. If you forget the verified password, you can reset the new password. Even if you use the network to restore the verified email, you will have the option to restore the reset for you in the future.


3. IOS camera and other new features

The camera in the telegram application has many functions. At present, the IOS version supports all levels of the zoom function of your device, and the zoom size can be 0.5 to 3 times. And you can also open the zoom ring through the button to obtain the maximum accuracy adjustment operation. If you need to use the camera in the telegram, click the paper clip key and enter the icon in the field, and then select and turn on the camera in the menu.

Update of telegram media and camera

There are also improvements. When you now need to forward messages on the telegram program, you can select multiple recipients. The operation is also very simple. You only need to click “select” in the forwarding menu to set it, and then you can send it to your multiple friends respectively. And you can select multiple chats for batch operations, such as archiving, deleting, or marking. These operations are marked as read.


4. New animated emoticons

Telegram has always been very keen on the update of emoticons(表情符号). Of course, we ignore me this time. We have added emoticons for gestures, facial expressions, plants, and dancing. You can enter the application and send an emoticon to feel the specific experience.


Well, that’s all for today’s class. You can wait for our next update. We won’t let you wait too long.


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