Update of telegram search filter

Update of telegram search filter

This update of Telegram(电报应用程序) has improved the search filter, the anonymous mode of the community, and the comments of the channel. Finally, there are some updates about some functions of the Android version.


Telegram search filter

In the telegram application, because there are no restrictions on the cloud, there are usually many media or expressions in your program. In order to help you better find and browse them, we have launched the telegram search filter.

So what is a search filter? It allows you to use new tabs and filter your search results by types, such as media, expressions, and other files. If you need to display a message for a fixed period of time, you can enter the corresponding time in the search box.

In addition, if you enter the user name, or the name of the community, channel, and telegram robot(电报机器人), you can use this filter. And the telegram search (电报搜索)filter can also be combined so that you can find everything you need.

Telegram 的搜索过滤器

Anonymous mode of the community and comments on the channel

Telegram has always been very supportive of freedom. If you find anything bad in the telegram, you can protest. We specially provide users with corresponding protest channels. It is a very safe tool for you to use when you need it.

And from now on, you can also enable anonymous mode, which you can use to control options to switch modes according to your ideas. And if you are anonymous, the system can also let you hide in the community member list. After hiding, if your post published in the community will no longer display your own name, the system will automatically use the signature of the community name.

Channel comments

Then we have made some improvements to the comments on the channel. First, we have added a New Comment button for the channel posts. Of course, it is mainly for the channel posts from the discussion community. After that, the comments will be displayed in a separate area, which is also possible if you want to post them in the discussion community.

However, if you are not a member of the discussion community, your comment reply notification will appear in the new option. So how to set up your discussion community to connect to the channel? You can find “channel settings” in the application and then select “discussion”.


Update on some features of the Android version

The Android version has also been improved. Now you can rate expressions and other media, and you can try to switch the theme of day and night mode in the left menu. If you need to delete a message, you will be prompted to confirm whether you want to delete it. At the same time, you will also receive the corresponding prompt when setting a notification or saving a file.

If you want to find friends’ information in the community, you can press and hold the avatar of the target member in the community with your finger, and the corresponding avatar will be enlarged and the corresponding information can be displayed.

Update of telegram search filter



The update of telegram emoticons will not be absent, so this time we still updated some emoticons that are still in use.

Update of telegram search filter



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